Photo Retouching

Bringing out the best in photos for multimedia presentation

Unless we're talking old, damaged family heirlooms (*projects which I have completed), most photographs given to me by clients or taken by me don't really need a lot of work. It may just be a matter of adjusting the levels and contrast of light and dark in the photos. Often I'll take some rudiness out of skin tones, fix red-eyes, and make flyaways disappear. More often than not, I'm not airbrushing a celebrity in an unrealistic manner for a magazine cover, but simply enhancing imagery for a professional presentation.

Of course, that's not to say that I'm not up for the challenge if something needs a lot of work. *Currently, my retouching portfolio is viewable only during consultations, as they primarily contain old family photos which I respectfully have honored to not have diseminated online.

Ask me about my rates and Photoshop skills (and to see some of that portfolio) if you have any retouching work!